Our Volunteers

Abused and neglected children periodically enter the child welfare system in Ripley county. It's our goal to provide every one of them with an advocate!

Please consider donating your time to be the voice for an abused or neglected child.

"I believe CASA helps our community. We help children who have gone through a huge change, and we are a constant person in their lives. We help parents who may be going through troubling times themselves. We want to help families get back on track with support from some agencies that CASA helped put in place." ~ Lori L, Volunteer since June 2018

"As we entered our next phase of life (retirement), my wife and I had a goal of finding a ministry we were passionate about and where we could work together. Voices For Children and being a CASA has helped us fulfill that goal. We have a heart for kids and are passionate about helping them succeed in life. Being a CASA is a rewarding experience. We get to be the voice of children that have lived most of their lives in silence. It is great to know that we can play some small part in making a positive difference in their lives." ~Chris E. (Debbie) Co-CASA Volunteer team since December 2019

"There are many children who may not know the care of a loving family, who may be abused or neglected by the parent(s) that are supposed to protect and care for them. Some children may experience the sudden loss of a loving family member and have no relatives to care for them. In these situations, children are scared, confused, sad, and overwhelmed. I wanted to help the children in our community who end up in foster care. Everyone can use a consistent, loyal friend when they go through a life-altering situation. And as these children grapple with their emotions, adjust to new support systems and families, and continue with many of their expected activities such as school, they need all the encouragement and care they can get from their foster family and beyond. And that is where a CASA can step in to provide love, support, and advocacy for these children. I knew that there was a child out there who needed someone to hear them, believe in them, cheer for them, fight for them, and love them throughout the most challenging time of their life. That is why I became a CASA volunteer." ~ Kendra B, Volunteer since November 2020

"Knowing that there is a serious need for foster parents and that is something that I am not able to provide help with, I looked into other ways to contribute and came across CASA. Learning that kids with a CASA are benefited in so many important ways, now and in their future, I knew it was what I wanted to do. " ~ Sandra Liming, Volunteer since July 2022