SEI Voices for Children Staff

Fun Fact: All Voices for Children staff started with the organization as a CASA volunteer before becoming an employee. The passion for our mission drove them to step out of the comfort zones and work for a nonprofit advocating for child victims: "It's not about the Income; it is about the Outcome."

Melissa Herzner, Executive Director

Melissa Herzner started volunteering with CASA of The Heartland in Kentucky in 2014. She advocated for several children, worked booths at fairs, and spoke at training for new volunteers. With her passion for children, she always looked for a way to do more. After her husband retired from the military, they relocated back to the area. She seized the opportunity to pursue her passion for child advocacy by accepting a Volunteer Coordinator position in Ripley County. Melissa managed up to 30 CASA volunteers and served as a Court Advocate on her own cases. Melissa was promoted to the Lead Volunteer Coordinator for Ripley County. In 2021, when the Previous Director decided to relocate, Melissa again seized the opportunity by accepting the role of Executive Director.

Angie Bussberg, Lead Volunteer Coordinator

Angie first came to Voices for Children as a CASA volunteer in November of 2018. In October 2019, she transitioned to the role of full-time Staff Advocate, where she served directly as a Court Advocate for up to 30 children. From this position, Angie was promoted to Lead Volunteer Coordinator in December 2021.

Before volunteering for Voices, Angie had volunteered for various organizations. An active member of her community in Ripley County for 20-plus years, Angie was compelled to volunteer to help meet the needs of the children in her community. This led her to the position of an employee to advocate for the abused and neglected children in Ripley County.

Jocelyn Xenophontos, Program Coordinator

Jocelyn joined the Voices for Children team as a CASA Volunteer in March 2018. She served the children of Ripley County for two years until seizing the opportunity to join Voices as a full-time Volunteer Coordinator in April 2020. When the organization split into two county organizations, Jocelyn stepped in for the role of Program Coordinator for SEI Voices for Children.

Jocelyn graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, including minors in Psychology and Sociology. After graduation and living abroad for several years, Jocelyn returned to her hometown of Batesville to help run her family business.

Leah Lacey, Staff Advocate

Leah joined the Voices team as a CASA Volunteer before becoming our Staff Advocate employee in December of 2021. Instead of advocating for a few children, she now serves as the court advocate for 30 children!

Harmony Schiavi, Volunteer Coordinator

Harmony joined our Voices team also as a CASA Volunteer for two years before becoming an employee as the Volunteer Coordinator. Harmony is our newest employee and has already demonstrated her ability to support our volunteers in the role of best interest advocacy for child victims.